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Novo Industries 
Wood Stoves


Smokeless Wood Stove

  • The material used: Cast Iron + Mild Steel

  • Dia Size Available:- 14",16",18",20",22",24",28 Inch

  • Outer Cover:- SS 304

  • Insulation:- On Demand

  • Weight:- 80kg to 150kg

  • We Manufacture Wood Stove and Cooking Stove. No smoke while cooking with the equipment. · These are mobile stoves These stoves need very little maintenance and no service. It cuts 80% from the cost of LPG usage, 85% from the cost of kerosene usage, 40% from the cost of cashew shells, and 45% from the normal firewood stoves, Easy handling, and 100% safety assurance for the users. Available in varying sizes. 


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Pricing for our Wood Stoves Starts at 14,000Rs.  

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