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Novo Offset Smoker
Lava stone Grill

Novo Lava Stone Grill

Lava stone grill is a type of grill that uses a flat, porous stone made from lava rock as the cooking surface. The stone is heated to a high temperature, and food is cooked directly on the surface of the stone. Lava stone grills are popular because they allow for a more intense sear on the surface of the food, and they can also help to add a smoky flavor to the food. They are often used in restaurants and at outdoor barbecues. Some people also use lava stone grills at home, either as a standalone grill or as an insert for their existing grill. Lava stone grills are typically fueled by gas or wood, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

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The Novo Lava Stone Grill comes standard with:

  • 1 Main Cooking Grate (4"ft SS 304 6mm)

  • 1 Upper Deck Cooking Grill (SS 304 6mm)

  • 1 Drainage shelf

  • 1 Height Adjustable Cooking Rack

  • 1 Stainless Steel Detachable Stack

  • Lower Shelf Installed on Skids


Optional Add-Ons:

  • High-temp paint for Non-SS Version.  Please note, adding a finish to the smoker may add an additional 2-4 weeks to the pick-up or ship date. 

  • Additional Cooking Grate

  • Custom Firebox with Gas Ignition.  As per requirement

  • 6"inch Lockable Wheels

  • Resting Stand

  • Lower Shelf 

  • Premium Lava Rocks 

  • Full 304 SS Construction 

  • Heat management plate

  • Gas Ignition Kit


Shipping is not included in the purchase price. Once complete, The Grill can be picked up at our shop in Thrissur Kerala free of charge. The Grill can also be crated and shipped. All shipping and handling fees will be invoiced separately near the completion date. We can provide a shipping and handling quote upon request. 

Call us now for more information!

All our Lavastone Grills are customized to your requirements feel free to call us before placing an order. 

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