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Novo Industries 
Diaper & Sanitary



Electric Diaper Incinerator

Diaper Storage Capacity: 5

Napkin Storage Capacity: 25

Ideal for School, Home, College, Lady's Hostel


SS Exhaust (Purchased Separately)

Approximate Weight: 25 kg

The body material is GI

Heater: 3200W

Insulation: Yes

Guarantee: 1 Year

Color: RED

Finish: Epoxy powder coated with 7-Stage

Available through parcel service everywhere in India.

About Novo Incinerator

​The range was developed in response to rising
waste disposal costs and to turn the need of
many businesses for Economic, clean efficient
and on-the-spot waste disposal. There is
incinerator to suit every need, from small
offices or retail premises, to large packaging
companies or timber product manufacturers.
In fact, they have been supplied to all sectors of
Industry and Commerce, Government
Agencies, Hotels and Restaurants, Schools and
They can be used to dispose of all Class-1
material, which includes paper, cardboard,
rags, wood offcuts, Sanitary Napkin & Adult Diapers

Novo Diaper incinerator
Sanitary Napkin and Diaper incinerator
Sanitary Napkin and Diaper incinerator

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Pricing for our  incinerator Starts at 38,000Rs.  

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