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Our Vision

If you are looking to buy the best quality Indian-made Offset Smoker you’ve come to the right place!

Metal used for building Offset Smoker


No compromises were made selecting the materials and components that go into making each of our pits. Teach your kids how to use it - it will be theirs someday.

Temprature Guage


Our designs are focused on performance, durability, and providing you with a truly enjoyable outdoor cooking experience. Everything you need, with no extra fluff.

Made in India


We're proud to source all of our raw materials from local, small businesses. Each of our pits is made from only the highest quality materials. 

Camp Fire

The Perfect Smoked Chicken Just One Click Away

Our Classic Offset Smoker is our most popular product, switch from your kettle BBQ to a chicken cooking machine! crispy skin every time.Plus it can be used for slow cooking!



“I started smoking 4 years ago on a kettle grill. I then had a cheap "smoker"  that served we well for the last 4 years and helped me learn the Smoking process. Learning on that small cheap grill has made me really appreciate the ease of this smoker. The temps are super easy to control, the cooking chamber cooks very evenly compared to my other and the fire box is huge. I couldn't be more happier with this Smoker. The construction is very high quality Being able to tell it was hand made is a bonus to me (can see grinder marks and "not perfect" lines indicates hand made.)."

Rajan Parekh, Maharashtra IN

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